Python is a very easy language with easy syntax to start with coding.

The simplest syntax in Python is the print() - it prints out a line.

Step 1 : Download Python

Now, for go ahead we need to install python in our system. For that go to python official website : www.python.org

Download the latest version file & follow on screen instruction.

Step 2 : Create .py file

Now open your preferred editor and create a new file with .py extension.

Ex. : app.py

Step 3 : Write first line

Now, open app.py file and write your first line of code.

For this we use python simplest syntax PRINT.

print("Hello world !")

Step 4 : Run file

Next, go into terminal & reach your app.py file.

Run app.py file with python by following command :

python3 app.py

You will see your output there.

That's all done friends.